The Maule Itata Coaskeeper program, Waterkeeper Alliance's member, Save The Waves Coalition and FIMA, is responsible for protecting the coast between the Maule river in Chile and Itata covering 2 regions: Maule and Bio Bio.
As Mission Maule Itata Coaskeeper program is responsible care and preservation of watersheds free of pollution. As NGOs is why it is imperative to continuously raise funds through private and public entities that allow us to continue self-financing to meet our objectives in time.
The time we've worked as a program we have learned that it is important to strengthen our communities to empower them so they know what their rights and that there are support tools, like our programs to which they can go.
If you want to collaborate and contribute with new ideas or projects can contact us at +56 2 2664 4468 during office hours or a cell phone number +56982408852
Account Name: : Fiscalía del Medio Ambiente
RUT : 74.494.800-2
Current account : Nº 5-038-00014-02
Bank : Banco de Chile
Office : Ahumada
Swift Code : BCHICLRM
FIMA, Fiscalía del Medio Ambiente.
Mosqueto N° 491, oficina 312 - Santiago, Chile.
Fono: +56 2 2664 4468
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